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We have witnessed a revolution in the world of commercial collaboration, buying-selling, and investing. New digital technologies have fundamentally changed how we interact with one another. The ability to mobilize hundreds, thousands, or millions of people in real-time is empowering us to accomplish what would’ve been impossible to achieve on our own.

Now, imagine what’s possible when we will unite to change the World for the better.

  • better deals
  • diverse funding channels
  • business opportunities, projects
  • easy access to global partners
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The world at your fingertips

Invest in New Ventures.

Here you get connected with the right investment projects from across the globe while remaining anonymous until you choose not to be.

Creating business possibilities through the power of many. This is your World Consortium.

Partners for Your Projects

World Consortium is a platform that helps organizations connect, collaborate, and exchange. Through World Consortium platform, like-minded organizations come together to do business. It is where members access and create custom interactive content to collaborate on projects, view the latest advancements, organize buying/selling, and promote products around the world.

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Business Community

Take advantage of our unique commercial platform to collaborate on business.

World Consortium can help promote and facilitate your project needs through our team’s strategic amalgamated partnerships.

Collaborate on projects from around the world. You tell us your business criteria. We run an algorithm to match you with the right projects. If there is a match, the parties decide if they like to learn more, connect.

We structure, develop and implement matured digital technologies as part of the collaborating system transformation.

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  • Tailor Solutions
    Cutting edge technology solutions for enterprises in the dynamic financial, consumer and service sectors.
  • Built for Global
    Transfer funds globally through the variable payment gateways with different currencies with no limits.
  • No limits
    We are not bank. With us you get low fees & real-time exchange rates 24/7.
  • Full protection
    We help to keep your account more secured & reliable. Enjoy safe online payments.

Bridging the gap between traditional finance and Digital

Our goal is to combine the best available technologies in order to provide a global real-time payment network, automate payment processes, reduce friction and settlement times.

International World Consortium participants can use the Inner token for guaranteed settlements outside the banking system and more efficient use of working capital.

We use technology and a people-first philosophy to facilitate your work with partners and investment projects inside World Consortium. This same technology is also leveraged in use cases for micropayments, e-commerce, exchanges and peer-to-peer services.

Our token not only meets the needs of the digital world, but it is also user-friendly, faster, secure, and much more cost-effective than traditional bank transfers or credit cards.