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Opening an account with us takes just minutes. You just need an email address to pay quickly and securely.

Truly global

Gain access a whole world. Anybody in the world can transfer, buy, sell, exchange and more. No border limits.

Instant transactions

Due to the centralized blockchain system all transactions flow in second with a high level of protection.

Low fees

Fast and secure money transfers to all around the world with low commission: 0.01% per any transaction.

Safer and better protected

With our system protection and advanced fraud screening, we can protect your assets so that you can focus on the things that matter most.

Avoid Fraud

Reduce risk of fraud through transparency and traceability digital asset Sfor token based on blockchain technology.

Increase Partner Relationship

Become a customer of Sfor.Info to increase your business opportunities and stay in close contact with your new partners.

Online Contracts and Investment

Work with your partners directly, sign contracts online - no long lines, no paperwork, no fuss. All investment projects from the participants on your choice.

International Sfor Consortium - Benefits of Participation

To register in the Sfor.Info system, you must become a member of the International Sfor Consortium upon the invitation of an existing member of the Consortium.

We structure, develop and implement matured blockchain technologies as part of the payment system transformation.

Our goal is to combine the best available technologies in order to provide a global real-time payment network, automate payment processes, reduce friction and settlement times.

Digital asset Sfor is collateralized by gold of 0,125 grams (0,004 troy ounces) in according to the rate of the London Metal Exchange (LME). Sfor token allows participants of Consortium to make faster payments with lowest price and more scalable options. Our token uses its own blockchain, so your assets is under full protection.

International Sfor Consortium participants can use the Sfor token for guaranteed settlements outside the banking system and more efficient use of working capital.

We use technology and a people-first philosophy to facilitate your work with partners and investment projects inside Sfor.Info. This same technology is also leveraged in use cases for micropayments, e-commerce, exchanges and peer-to-peer services.

Sfor token not only meets the needs of the digital world, it is user-friendly, faster, secure and much more cost-effective than traditional bank transfers or credit cards.

The settlement operations conducted within the Consortium are free from lending rates.

Register, refill your wallet, buy Sfor token and break free of banking restrictions.
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Built for Global Payments

Sfor.Info is user-friendly, faster, secure and more cost-effective than bank transfers or credit cards.
It serves as a completely new multi-currency payment solution.
No limits

Sfor token will save you from payment limits: instant transfers of any amount 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Receive, exchange, pay and transfer to your business partners on a one-off platform. Sfor.Info makes money management easier than ever.

Buy and exchange digital currencies

You can buy, hold and exchange Bitcoin, BitShares, Ether, Dash, Litecoin and more at the best possible exchange rate on the global marketplace.

Get paid back at ease

Split bills at the touch of the button. Every party can pay simply with a few clicks and even use digital currencies.

Stay on top of your spending

Receive instant payment notifications and check easy to understand analytics on your spending behavior. Track all your transactions in real time.

Reduce risks and costs

Reduce chargebacks, rolling reserves and high fees thanks to blockchain technologies.

Send money truly easy and global

Use Sfor token to get a full access to worldwide payments without additional commission. You will not be charged conversion fee exchange rate anymore.

Asset Protection & Full Security

SFOR token was designed and built by IT experts who gained their experience in industries such as financial services and cybersecurity.

International Sfor Consortium is committed to protecting your information by implementing leading industry standards and best practices.

Two-factor authentication & identification

Every new customer’s identity is verified to make sure so that someone else cannot impersonate you. Once verified, your account is created and locked to your identity. Account security is a priority at Sfor.Info. Google Authenticator provides an additional layer of security and is available to all Sfor.Info customers to help keep your money safe.
The Two Factor Authentication (2FA) application requires you to enter a code from your phone along with your email and password.

Never ask or save information we don’t need

None of your information is stored on your device and we do not save any information we don’t need. The information we do need is encrypted in transit and at rest to the highest standards.

Follow top security standards and infrastructures

Security is embedded in our company’s DNA. The infrastructure is segmented and customer data is stored in a separate segment that is disconnected from the internet, encrypted and monitored 24/7.
We use top encryption standards like AES-256 for data at rest (saved data) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) HSTS for data in transit (during communication).

Full protection with WAF by Cyber Security Group

Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) provide the full protection applications, APIs, users, and infrastructure against all types of web attacks.
We protect your data from Top OWASP Vulnerabilities and more.

Created by: Cyber Security Group
Address: 8 Edisher Maghalashvili St, T'bilisi, Georgia
Email: admin@sfor.info

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